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Bicycle Roller Reviews

bicycle roller reviews

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bicycle roller reviews - Brady 95463

Brady 95463 20" Width x 14" Height B-120 Premium Fiberglass, Black and Red on White Security Property Sign, Legend "No Bicycles Skateboards Rollerblades" (with Picto)

Brady 95463 20" Width x 14" Height B-120 Premium Fiberglass, Black and Red on White Security Property Sign, Legend "No Bicycles Skateboards Rollerblades" (with Picto)

Provide clear direction to visitors with Brady's Security Signs. As a deterrent to unwanted visitors or as a clear notice to visiting personnel, Brady's highly visible security signs communicate a security notice for your property. For warning visitors of video surveillance, restricted areas, or a notice of no tresspassing, Brady has a security sign to keep your facility safe. Brady security signs are available in a wide variety of legends with a wide range of materials and sizes to meet your needs. Brady B-120 is a reinforced polyester sign panel with protected graphics designed for use in industrial, utility, commercial, and institutional environments. Common uses include safety signs, utility signs, information signs, traffic signs, and valve tags. The sign construction is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. The sign legends or other graphics are permanently embedded within the sign panel, allowing for use in the most severe environments. Service temperature is -40 degree fahrenheit to 193 degree fahrenheit (-40 degree celsius to 90 degree celsius) Average outdoor durability is up to 25 years (Average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure and climatic conditions). 25 Gardner units gloss. Tensile strength (ASTM D 638) is 9000psi (62 MPa).

80% (15)

Street Use ad the Law

Street Use ad the Law


A review by Phillip Taylor

This unique book, which fits into the pocket nicely, is a succinct, quick-reference guide to the legal problems affecting our streets.

It’s a great pity that it was not available to me when I was an elected councillor because so much of what is in the book make up the type of personal cases which many urban councillors confront on a daily basis.

Who is the book aimed at?

Everybody! It looks at street use by individuals such as drivers, pedestrians, contractors, cyclists and dog owners.

It investigates potential dangers, conflicts of interest, and public nuisances occurring in our everyday environment.

In short, it is an invaluable guide for members of the public with local residents’ problems, community safety practitioners, residents’ associations, planners and those affected by planning applications, and lawyers handling personal injury and nuisance litigation.

I see ‘Street Use and the Law’ as an easy-to-use manual which lists each topic alphabetically, and has a comprehensive index which gives the reader quick access to the appropriate legislation.

Fundamentally, it is not a ‘heavyweight’ legal publication but more in the way of a legal ‘ready reckoner’ (in the non-arithmetic sense, so you can breathe a sigh of relief!) where each topic points to those parts of a statute which is appropriate to the topic, and it summarises effectively what the law contains in each relevant Act.

There will be critics of this little book, which is really a manual or guide, but I am not one of them. It is long overdue for the ‘community’ book market and a welcome friend to it.

With so much going on at street level in our society, it is not surprising that areas of contention arise from street usage. Enter ‘Street Use and the Law’ as the first point of reference for all legal issues arising from street law and pavements politics so favoured by one particular party.

Paul Clayden covers issues of liability in relation to the responsibilities of local government well and he examines the duties of local authorities to ensure the well-being and safety of all road users. It could well become the pavement politicians ‘bible’ for its statement of the law.

The Contents

The book has just over 160 pages covering such topics as what laws apply if fairground attractions obstruct traffic; if a dangerous dog is allowed to roam the streets without a muzzle; if a drain which overflows has led to dangerous amounts of surface water; and the ever-present nuisance of the abandoned shopping trolley.

The book deals with these and many other numerous types of potential danger and public nuisance which make up everyday, mundane but nevertheless, important, issues for local people.

The contents cover: abandoned vehicles; advertisements; alcohol consumption in public places and drunkenness; anti-social behaviour; banners; begging; betting and gaming; bicycles; bus shelters; byelaws; closed circuit television and speed cameras; the community support officer; crossings; deliveries of goods; disabled persons; diversions and street closures; dog control and dog fouling; drainage of highways; excavations and deposit of material in street; forecourts; gates, walls and fences; graffiti; hedges; hoardings; ice and snow; invalid carriages; licensed premises; lighting; litter; noise; obstructions; parking; pavements and footways; processions and assemblies; public conveniences; road humps and other traffic calming measures; road traffic regulations; ropes and wires; scaffolding; skateboarding and roller-skating; skips; statutory nuisances; street collections; street trading; street works; tramways; trolley vehicle systems and guided transport systems; trees; and trolleys.

Warning! Warning!

There is a word of warning, though! Do not fall into the trap that so many laymen fall into that this book is an antidote to all the wrongs that befall road usage.

It's not a replacement for the very detailed expositions of case law and statute law to be found in a law library or by visiting a costly lawyer for advice.

Clayden does say in his Preface that for a fuller exposition of the law reference should be made to legal textbooks or other specialist legal publications.

The Preface also contains useful definitions (perhaps it should be re-named a ‘glossary of terms’!) Clayden has also included guidance and/or directions which are contained in the ever-increasing ministerial circulars and publications by government departments and other bodies.

The internet is the key to such information although there are no internet links given in this work so the reader will need to use google.

I described this guide to street law as unique because it brings together all the problem causes me and my colleagues have faced and currently face as elected local councillors.

I see 'Street Use' as a ‘must have’ book for local environmental pressure groups and community or residents associat

What's in my bag [2005-10-29]

What's in my bag [2005-10-29]

This is today's contents of my main work bag, a fake Samsonite bought for 85 yuan from Hongqiao Market in Beijing.

bicycle roller reviews

bicycle roller reviews

Elite Parabolic Indoor Roller Bicycle Trainer

The Parabolic Roller is a roller suitable for a sports training, that simulates realistically the feeling of a road race, since the back wheel is not bound to the frame but slides freely. It has three thermoplatic-material rollers, two of which are connected to a transmission belt and bound to a strong painted iron frame. The cylinders rotate on sealed bearings and have a particular parabolic shape that helps keeping the bike perfectly in axis. Parabolic Roller is pliable and can easily fit even the trunk of a small car. Parabolic shape makes riding on rollers easier. Balanced PVC bearings. Sealed cartridge bearings. Optional front wheel stabilizer fits any road or mountain bike.

Need to train for an upcoming road race but don't care for the static feel of indoor bicycle trainers? Turn to the Elite Parabolic Roller, which offers three thermoplatic rollers to hold your bike wheels. Because the back wheel is not bound to the frame, your bike will slide freely as you ride, better simulating the feeling of an actual road race. It's just like riding outdoors but in the comfort of your living room. Each cylinder rotates on sealed cartridge bearings, with a parabolic shape helping keep the bike perfectly in axis. The two rear rollers, meanwhile, are connected to a transmission belt and bound to a strong painted-iron frame. As a result, your rear wheel will feel stable and secure whether you're powering through three-hour distance sessions or short interval bursts. And if the loose feel of the rollers makes you nervous, you can also opt for a front wheel stabilizer (sold separately) that fits any road or mountain bike. Compact and pliable, the Parabolic Roller fits easily in the trunk of your car or in the back of a closet.

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